Houston rapper Chamillionaire officially announced that he will be giving away 600 Commemorative Plaques worth $300 each, for fans that support and purchase his highly anticipated sophomore album, Ultimate Victory when it’s released September 18 (Chamillitary/Universal Motown).

One hundred fans will be randomly selected and shipped special album plaques after its initial release, by mailing in their official receipts. Two hundred will receive gold plaques once the album is certified gold,  and 300 will receive platinum plaques once it is certified platinum.  Each plaque will be autographed by Chamillionaire.  The winning fans will also be asked to submit photos of themselves along with their plaques to be posted on the artist’s official website, www.chamillionaire.com.

“Last year, I purchased over 300 platinum plaques to thank the executives, featured artists, producers, DJ’s and others who helped drive the success of Sound of Revenge,” says Chamillionaire. “I know that the fans are also very responsible for an artist’s success and feel like they deserve to be recognized. This time I wanted to do something to show them how much I appreciate their support.”