Yesterday was the pre-trial hearing for Puff Daddy and Shyne from an incident at a New York club. The two are charged with weapons charges and attempted murder. Puffy’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman made a request to the court that the gag order be lifted due to comments made by victim Natania Reuben made to the NY Daily News this past week. Reuben alleges that Puff and Shyne both were packing guns the night of the shooting. Ms. Reubens has also filed a civil suit for over $130 million against Puff, Shyne and bodyguard Anthony Jones.

Brafman grilled the plaintiff in the courtroom saying that he “can [present] 30 witnesses, all with impeccable credentials, who’ll say they were in Club New York and this woman is a liar. This woman is a complete fraud – everything about her is a fraud.” He also went on to say that he has information that can incriminate Reuben. After all was said and done, Judge Solomon refused to lift the gag order.