Beanie Sigel is ready for his new album, The
, to come out. However, there is “no marketing plan
yet, so he is still in the studio. That may not be such a bad thing, because he
is clearly still getting work done.

Recently, Beans spoke on the new LP,
collaborations and the release of The Solution.

For the album, Sigel worked with R.
, who has been feuding with Jay-Z. This is a
tricky situation because The Solution will be released via Jay-Z’s Roc-a-Fella/Def
. In the end, the record was made and it worked out.

“I ain’t even know if he was gonna do it…I told
him I got this record — ’cause you know the situation with Jay and him. … I
was like, ‘If dude gets on this record, it’ll be crazy.’ So I sent it out to
him, got the response he was gonna do it. [Kelly] knocked it out, he sent it
back in like three days,”
Beans told MTV.

Sigel also worked with good friend Scarface
on the new LP. The two have already worked on new material. According
to Beans, Face may appear on even more songs.

“I went out to his spot, we just was zoning every
day. Playing golf, just some chill sh–. On the last day, he was playing his
music, I was playing him music, then we just locked in and did the record. When
we together, we knock out stuff right there.”

While the record is seemingly finished, it is still not
ready for record store shelves. What gives?

“I could be done now, but … what’s the setup?
They don’t have a marketing plan. Until they come up with it, I’m gonna keep
recording. We was going to be done, then I kept recording and got the R. Kelly
record. I feel whenever I do decide to put the album out, it’s gonna do what
it’s gonna do. I never had no setup, they never gave me no big campaign. I’m
not gonna rush this. I have records.”