Bow Wow is currently on the road with Omarion, Soulja Boy, the Ying Yang Twins, Lloyd and Pretty Ricky as part of The Millennium Tour.

During a recent performance of “I Think They Like Me (Remix),” the Growing Up Hip Hop star was mid-verse when he fell through a hole in the stage — and 50 Cent is here for it.

The For Life exec recycled the moment for his 25.4 million Instagram followers and made it clear now he definitely wasn’t getting an invite to his TYCOON party.

“Damn it man, BOW WOW can’t come to TYCOON,” 50 wrote. “falling off the stage and shit. NAH stay home.”

50 and Bow Wow got into it on social media last August after the Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ legend posted a photo of himself in the bathtub ahead of the inaugural TYCOON party, prompting Bow Wow to crack a joke.

“Bro out here thirst trapping to get girls to show up at the party,” Bow Wow wrote. “Ima be in London anyway. Yall gone be on a boat with all my old work. Good luck.”

Fiddy replied, “You ain’t got no bitches lil nigga @future took all of them. LMAO. The fuck you talking bout. TYCOON weekend NY boat party, Pool party, Pier 115, MSG TYCOON premier party. It’s lit.”

But according to 50’s latest post, Bow Wow won’t be coming this year either.

Check out another angle of Bow Wow’s fall below.