Sheck Wes decided to air out Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson, accusing the skilled shooting guard of some bad behavior via Twitter on Tuesday (February 25). The Interscope Records artist recalled an alleged interaction from years ago that led to him hating the three-time NBA champion.

“FunFact :When i was younger Klay Thompson pushed me when i asked for autograph during ALL STAR in NYC , and i had hate for him after , so today i decline no one when they ask for a photo,” Sheck wrote.

Assuming Sheck’s telling the truth, the incident occurred at the 2015 NBA All-Star Game. That year’s game was held in New York and marked the first time Thompson earned a spot on the All-Star roster.

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Although Sheck hasn’t forgotten what happened, he’s apparently moved on and forgiven Thompson. After a friend tweeted, “And we made a group decision not to wash him that day. But he definitely lost 5 fans Lmaooo” in response, Sheck revealed he no longer hates the Warriors guard.

“Facts lol i fuck with Klay now tho , he’s elite,” he wrote.

It seems all’s well that ends well.