Oakland, CA - 

Whatever bad blood was brewing between E-40 and Richie Rich has evidently subsided. According to a recent Instagram post from Forty Water, the two Bay Area rap vets sat down over a meal to hash out their differences — and it appears it was a success.

“Just finished up a Boss Talk wit my Guy @tharealrichierich,” he captioned the post. “I got alotta history wit that dude’ now we back on the same page. #Squashed.”

Rich shared the same photo to his Instagram page and deleted the original video that put E-40 on a 48-hour notice. The 415 OG was upset Forty Water had labeled him a rat in a since-deleted post.

“That shit you called me last night, you got 48 hours my nigga to produce some documentation,” Rich responded. “Real niggas gon’ feel it. You called me a rat. Nigga. So, I’m giving you 48 hours to produce documentation that supports that shit you was talking last night. ‘Cause if not, niggas can’t believe nothing you say.

“You feel me? And real niggas, real bitches gon’ resonate. Street niggas, street bitches, this gon’ resonate. E-40 called Richie Rich a rat last night on Instagram. Based on some shit I said about a football game … Get at me.”

Subsequently, a handful of West Coast artists urged the two to squash their issues, including Snoop Dogg who said, “Double. R. Y’all need to holla away from social media we grown now,” he wrote. “i expect more out of both of y’all. We the west the lil homies watching to c how to resolve issues as men I’ll delegate if I must we all we got I love both y’all and want peace.”

Apparently, that’s what they did.

Nick Cannon, Big Boi, Keak Da Sneak, DJ Fresh and Phesto are just a few of their peers celebrating the truce in E-40’s comment section.