Hip-Hop/Rock hybrid, the Thunderkatz are in the process of closing a deal with Irv Gotti’s The INC records. Hiphopdx.com previously featured the Thunderkatz as DXNext when it was called Myspace Artist. We talked to 080 who, at the time mentioned that he and his group were trying to get signed to a major label but the deal is official.

Irv Gotti
made the announcement in April at a private showcase in Atlanta, and the group dropped their first single “Cupid Baby” at the end of May, on Q102, in Philadelphia.

Group members include Ginger, XO, 080, Jive, June and Jon.

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“That was a crazy night for us,” said the band about the night Irv Gotti made the announcement. “Not only did we have a good time performing at the historic Atlanta venue Masquerade, bu Irv rushed the stage and announced signing us to our fans, friends, and family.”

They are currently working on their first album. Click here for footage of their performance and what Irv Gotti had to say.