Hours after Wack 100 called out T.I. for previously participating in a Crime Stoppers ad, the Hustle Gang boss fired back with a meme of his own.

The text read: “People on twitter VS people in real life” and depicted a Twitter user calling @famousguy a “talentless idiot,” then begging for said-famous guy’s autograph outside of social media.

“Until it’s in my face it’s fake,” Tip wrote in the caption. “This Social Media shit get Weird af. However…My paperwork clean & presentable for any and all to pull up and see… IN REAL LIFE so…. #AintNoBackAndForth #UWaaayTooOldForThisSir & #ImWaaayTooRich.”

Unsurprisingly, Wack wasn’t having and quickly responded via Instagram. The post included a screenshot of a 2008 news story involving Tip’s testimony during the Ohio murder trial stemming from the death of his close friend Philant Johnson.

“I’ve lost manny comrades Police show up we give the opposite description,” he wrote in the caption. “If the make us go to court we ‘PLEAD THE 5th’ meaning the right to remain silent.

“Direct statement , victim impact statement any description helping the LAW or District attorney by the laws of the STREETS IS DEEMED TO BE ONE THING ….. Now I was asked to let it go but you fired a feeble shot like I’m a fan. Well you said bring the reality @troubleman31 I’ll let you fight yourself on this one …..

In a follow-up post, Wack highlighted a specific part of the article that talked about Tip’s testimony.

“@troubleman31 you ain’t big enough to change the rules,” he wrote in the caption. “Retire stay out the street politics and again I’m not a Rapper I gives No Fucks you better sit down little guy you ain’t the only one with some money negro.”

The online beef between Wack and T.I. kicked off earlier this week after the longtime music manager essentially stated the late Nipsey Hussle wasn’t a legend. Tip and Meek Mill quickly came to Nip’s defense and refuted Wack’s claim.

Wack has been one of Nip’s most outspoken critics in the wake of his March 31 shooting death. 

Although he initially apologized for appearing to defend Nip’s alleged killer Eric Holder, he ultimately doubled down on his sentiments during an interview with the No Jumper podcast.