Wack 100 has consistently spoken out about the late Nipsey Hussle, although his often inflammatory comments haven’t exactly been well received.

Over the weekend, Wack was stopped outside of The Game’s 40th birthday party where he was asked about the slain rapper. He proceeded to explain why Nip wasn’t a legend. 

T.I. and Meek Mill caught wind of Wack’s comments and quickly came to Nip’s defense, with Meek tweeting, “Nipsey a legend and the definition of real black man!”

Tip took a more scenic route to drive his point home.

In a new Instagram post, the Hustle Gang boss shared the dictionary definition of the word “legend,” which is defined as “a traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical but unauthenticated” or “an extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field.”

Tip elaborated in the caption, explaining why Nip actually is a legend. Wack’s argument primarily revolved around the number of album sales an artist had at the time of his death, which Tip refutes.

“This shit say Nipsey all over it,” he wrote. “Record sales and #1 hits ain’t the only barometer for legendary status. IMPACT is what’s important. Although his notoriety DID grow exponentially more after his demise… his impact is undeniable.”

Nip was shot and killed on March 31 outside of his Marathon Clothing store. His funeral was held at the Los Angeles Staples Center and drew thousands of people. It marked the first memorial held at the famous L.A. venue since Michael Jackson’s death in 2009.