Memphis’s gangster queen is no more. Three Six Mafia’s Gangsta Boo is now known as Lady Boo, and she’s left her former group behind, all in the name of God.

Boo is quick to stress that there is no beef or hard feelings between her and her former bandmates. She says that since she has discovered God and is now a regular church-goer, she has simply outgrown that phase of her life.

Boo characterized a foul-mouthed, ghetto-booty kinda girl on two solo albums, and with the Three Six Mafia, but she would now like to portray a more positive image to female fans. Boo is still signed to Hypnotize Minds Records, and will continue rapping, but will stress positivity ahead of the gangster lifestyle. Lady Boo says that she found God in September, and has risen out of depression since.