HipHopDX Premiere –  Noa James and tourmate Imran Ashraf accidentally wound up shooting a video for the Nug Life-produced “Mi Amor Orca Four” while on the Aloha Orca Tour in Hawaii last month. The result is a breathtaking piece of visual art that takes full advantage of the beautiful setting.

As they were driving around the island, looking for an authorized place to fly a drone for another video, they came across the ideal location.

“The location spoke to me, so we decided to park,” Noa tells HipHopDX. “But we got out and started shooting something for ‘Mi Amor Orca Four’ instead.” My other tour mate, JMKM, told us not to turn our back to the ocean because it’s bad luck. Him saying that made it even more perfect.

“‘Mi Amor Orca Four’ is about not turning your back on peace, love, hard times and the people you love.”

Shot by Imran and edited by Veow, “Mi Amor Orca Four” provides a idyllic balance to Noa’s lyrical style. The video comes over a year after his Granny Said LP, which dropped in July 2018.

Watch the new video up top.