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The magical hour of midnight came and went on Friday (September 27), but Kanye West’s Jesus Is King album failed to materialize, once again disappointing his fans.

Confusion around the release date started swirling earlier this week when Variety reported a source close to Kanye said it wasn’t dropping. At the same time, his wife Kim Kardashian retweeted a post indicating the project would arrive on time.

‘Ye has a healthy track record of delaying — or seemingly abandoning — his albums.

Yandhi was supposed to surface last September but after multiple delays, it appeared to simply vanish into the oblivion. However, chatter surrounding its existence just popped up again this week after The Blast published paperwork suggesting Kanye’s legal team had asked officials to reconsider trademarking “Yandhi.”

Kanye’s 2018 solo album ye also experienced a slight delay. Fans stayed up until midnight hoping to get their hands on it but went to sleep without it.

Jesus Is King is just the latest example of Kanye’s erratic album release schedule.

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