Power fans were outraged when they realized R&B singer Joe had been replaced by Trey Songz for the show’s “Big Rich Town” theme song. As a result, 50 Cent said he would revert the song back to the original, which didn’t go unnoticed by Joe.

On Wednesday (August 28), Joe shared a photo of himself to his Instagram account with the words, “The Voice Of Power” underneath. It’s safe to say he’s pleased with all the love he’s receiving in the wake of the Trey Songz backlash.

“All in favor say I” he wrote in the caption. “! FANS HAVE A LOT OF #power! Ya’ll are amazing! Will hit y’all once I’m settled in AFRICA @50cent – ALL LOVE – (we made a classic!) #power #powerthemesong #therealjoethomas.”

The first episode of Season 6 premiered on Sunday (August 24) and featured the “Big Rich Town” remix with Trey and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. 



But evidently, Twitter wasn’t having it. Power fans made so much noise about it, Fiddy felt he had no other choice.

Check out the original song below.