Machine Gun Kelly unlocked the door to his Hotel Diablo album last week. On the track “Floor 13,” he unsurprisingly takes a swipe at Eminem. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last several months, Em and MGK went at each other with a couple of diss tracks last year after Slim Shady came for him on Kamikaze. 

“I just spent the winter livin’/After someone tried to send a killshot, missin’ me,” he raps on the new song.

Once Genius pointed it out, MGK hopped in the comment section and appeared shocked anyone would extract that particular line.

“this the ONE line from an entire heartfelt album that yall post?” he wrote. “and with THAT caption? bruh.”

The caption he’s referring to reads, “seems like MGK still isn’t over this Eminem beef.”

Nor should he be, really.

Em’s MGK diss on “Not Alike” led to Kelly’s “Rap Devil” response and in turn, got Eminem to return fire with “Killshot.” That was arguably a big moment for his career. He even popped a bottle of champagne last August once he realized he was included on the Detroit rap legend’s tenth studio album — diss or not.

Check out MGK’s “13th Floor” single below.