Fans that have been down with Cypress Hill since the How I Could Just Kill a Man days may not like it, but Cypress Hill is coming out with another rap/rock album.

Following up on the heels of Skull and Bones, the Hill’s double-LP that featured one rap and one rock LP, the group will release Stoned Raiders on December 4. It will be a single album, but feature both hip-hop and rock songs, and yes, Sen Dog is on it. There will be two lead singles; Trouble, a rock song, and Lowrider, a hip-hop song. Each single will have its own video and the singles themselves will be distributed to different radio stations, to suit their format.

The album features guest spots from Cypress Hill’s LA brethren MC Ren, Kurupt, Everlast, and Kokane, as well as the Blunt Brothers Redman and Method Man.