Cam’ron told sources that he would never help the police in anyway — under any circumstances — not even a serial killer living next door — because it would hurt his music sales and violate his code of ethics according to

The rapper, real name, Cameron Giles, was interviewed by Anderson Cooper for a report on how the Hip-Hop culture’s message to shun police has undermined efforts to solve murders across the country. The report will air on 60 minutes this Sunday at 7 PM.

“If I knew the serial killer was living next door to me?” Giles
responded to a hypothetical question posed by Cooper. “I wouldn’t call
and tell anybody on him…but I’d probably move. But I’m not going to
call and be like, ‘The serial killer’s in 4E.’ ”

Cam’ron’s “code of ethics” also extends to crimes committed against him.
After being shot and wounded by gunmen, he refused to cooperate with
police because according to his ethos, it would hurt his business, and it was the way he was raised.

Cooper grilled the rapper, saying, had he been the victim, he would want his
attacker to be caught however,  Cam’ron responded with, “But then again, you’re
not going to be on the stage tonight in the middle of, say,
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, with people with gold and platinum
teeth and dreadlocks jumping up and down singing your songs, either.
We’re in two different lines of business.”

“So for you, it’s really about business?” Cooper asked.

“It’s about business,” Giles says, “but it’s still also a code of ethics.”

Catch the interview on 60 minutes this Sunday. Check your local listings for more information.