Yonkers, NY – Killer Mike — he, as of late, of the Trigger Warning with Killer Mike fame — has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to his television work and his rather unique political stances.

And his popularity continues with his hosting duties on Martell Home Live, a unique new interactive television show broadcast live on YouTube, and sponsored by Maison Martell cognac.

The premiere episode featured a unique array of special guests from various walks of life in the entertainment industry and was broadcast live from a private castle in Yonkers, NY, which had previously hosted such other pop culture touchstones as the “Irreplaceable” video by Beyonce Knowles.

The New York press corps were bussed, en masse, from the Martell offices in New York City to the castle, where we were treated to various cocktails inspired by Martell (including a New Orleans-inspired Sazerac).

After the press was fully lubricated with Martell-inspired drinks, we were ushered into a room where Killer Mike explained the purposes of this event in the first place.

“We’re here for the innovators,” he said. “The music makers, the dream factory. The people who are unafraid to be unapologetically themselves.”

And that, too, was the focus of the premiere episode of the show. Though it’s not clear when the next episode will air, fans are encouraged to find more content dropping, weekly, on Martell’s official YouTube site.

“Episode 01: Music, Dance & Entertainment,” was live streamed for audiences worldwide and featured special performances by Princess Nokia, Big Freedia with dancers Javier Ninja, Archie Burnett, Dejiavu Ferguson and Charli XCX – all artists who have made a statement in their creative fields, while unapologetically pushing the culture forward.

Javier Ninja, especially, delighted the crowd with his modern take on voguing. He told the crowd that his work was inspired by the late Willi Ninja — the so-called “Grandfather of Vogue,” who was single-handedly responsible for bringing vogue dancing into the mainstream, long before Madonna’s pop tribute was even conceived — to bring the dance into the 21st century.

Voguing, like many Hip Hop-based and break-dances, originated in black, poor and working-class communities as a method of expression, and according to OutHistory, the goal was, ultimately, to bond different people together. Throughout the evening, both Killer Mike and Javier Ninja beseeched the audience to “give it up” for Willi Ninja — a prompting that the audience gladly undertook.

Archie Burnett and Dejiavu Ferguson also delighted the crowd with their modern take on voguing, while Big Freedia reminded us all why the South explodes when bounce music — a New Orleans-style of Hip Hop sung over the triggerman beat — comes on the radio. As one of the originators of bounce music, Big Freedia got everybody up on the dance floor without hesitation.

In addition to the dance performances of vogue dance scene legends and the exclusive showcase of pop culture and new underground rap scene artists, the host of the night, Killer Mike, spoke with each performer as they shared stories about their humble beginnings, and how they’ve stayed true to themselves and their beliefs while on the path of leaving a lasting legacy.

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