Dee-1 is back on his independent grind. To celebrate, the New Orleans-bred artist has released a new single titled “I Know God.”

“This song is for every person that knows God has a plan for their life,” Dee-1 tells HipHopDX. “Even if you haven’t quite figured it all out yet, keep grinding and sleighing those giants. God’s plan will fully manifest, just like it did for me!”

Since leaving RCA Records, Dee-1 launched his own venture called Mission Vision Music. “I Know God” comes to fans via his new imprint.

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“I’m excited to be independent again and to be launching my own imprint, Mission Vision Entertainment,” he said. “It’s all about ownership in 2019, and I’m proud to be making a power move like this.”

Listen to Dee-1’s “I Know God” above.

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