New York, NY – Monisha Brown — known to the world at large as Miss Moe Money — didn’t have one of the most interesting storylines on Love & Hip Hop: New York. The most that can be said about her “storyline” is that she got friend-zoned by Cisco Rosado after a fight with Mariah Lynn.

And that, frankly, is perfectly fine by her.

Love and Hip Hop was a platform that was good for what it was,” she said, in an exclusive phone interview with HipHopDX. “Television is a great way to get your music out to the masses. And while they did a lot of things with me that I didn’t necessarily agree with, I’m not mad at them at all. There’s a good and a bad in everything.”

For Miss Moe Money, the “good” obviously came from the platform, which gave the rapper a chance to show off her music to the world. Once known as a member of the group Bad Bitches on Deck (BBOD), Miss Moe Money is now showing off her chops on her own. The video for her newest single, “Money Gang,” features tight lyrics and flow, and a production value that’s on par with that of some of the major label artists that were also featured on the show.

Her music, too, pays tribute to some of the best times in New York — specifically, the so-called “Old New York” of the 1980s and 1990s. The Harlem neighborhood of the 21st Century is light years away from the gritty city that birthed hardcore Hip Hop groups like The Diplomats, though it hasn’t become fully gentrified a la Kings County.

The old — and the new — Harlem is the unspoken “third characters” in the video for “Money Gang,” much like the old New York was the unspoken third character in the original Law and Order. But for Miss Moe Money, that choice was a deliberate one. As a Harlem native, she’s tacitly aware of what all has gone on with “her city,” and how the changes have impacted her in both a bad — and a good — way.

“I tried to make something my community could connect to,” she said. “And, you know, I know Harlem’s changed. The bars and the block parties have now made way for the coffee shops and the hipster stores. I’m certainly not going to say that Harlem has completely changed for the better. But I am going to say this: things always need to change, to move forward, to evolve and be better, so that people can grow too.”

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