New York City, NY

With his first release of 2019, Brown Bag AllStars alum J57 is aiming to shed his label as a beat maker, redefining himself as an artist. “This isn’t a producer project,” he tells HipHopDX of the four-song EP, Anti-Social Media — a surprise release and birthday gift to himself.

Though the project is extremely eclectic, it’s still Hip Hop to the core. “I save the boom-bap style for my work with Jamo Gang, Brown Bag AllStars, and features,” he notes.

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“I used this project as a way for me to get my frustrations out,” he explains. Touching on the accessibility that comes with social media, and even themes of depression, the project offers a slice of personal truths.

Ultimately, he hopes his openness will connect with those who struggle with the same hurdles. “I hope this project speaks to people that are like me … and that it just plain entertains those that can’t relate.”

Check out J57’s Anti-Social Matter, below.