Tory Lanez has apparently ruffled the feathers of more than just Don Q and J.R. Writer with his “best rapper alive” claim. A decent chunk of the Dreamville Records roster has reacted to the challenge the Canadian MC issued on Monday (January 28) while talking to DJ Akademiks.

During an Instagram Live session, Lanez told Aks he was planning to take out all of Dreamville to get to the imprint’s head honcho, J. Cole. But that’s not sitting right with J.I.D who responded to Lanez’s comments via Twitter.

“In real time, this shit bigger than Tory, y’all really be having dreamville fucked up,” he wrote on Monday. “niggaz try to disrespect cole one of the realist people I ever met, bro changed my life and I can feed my self now, I ain’t going for no Dreamville disrespect, it’s on sight, bout whatever.

“I be on my positive Shit but I’m riding wit my team until til, y’all wana battle?drop ya song, you wana fight? Race? Slap box, shoot shit it’s whatever, I’m just sick of the bullshit, let’s make great music and show love when it’s due, everything else is fuck shit.”

As a sign of solidarity, EarthGang followed J.I.D’s lead not too long after and hopped back on Twitter to weigh in on Lanez’s sentiments.

“This Gr8 btw…jid txt me said look at twitter…still aint puttin the app on my phone but yall know im w the fuckshit on bros,” the tweet read. [apple_news_ad type=”any”]

Cozz also ensured Lanez Dreamville was coming for him. After a fan suggested Lanez was “sleepin” on Cozz, he replied, “These damn Canadians man. he’ll be up soon! #bigcozz.”

Lute was quick to say Ari Lennox could smoke Lanez easily.

“Bar for bar Ari alone would body tory.”

Finally, fellow Dreamville artist Ibrahim used a line from Cole’s recent “Middle Child” single.

“It won’t be for clout, it won’t be for fame, it won’t be cause my shit ain’t selling the same…” he wrote.

If Lanez wants to ultimately face Cole, he will have a Dreamville gauntlet to get through. In the meantime, Lanez is spending his time battling Don Q. He returned the first shot at the Bronx native on Monday (January 28) with “Don Queen.” Q quickly fired back with “This Is Ya King?”

Game on.