The #SurvivingRKelly hashtag was in heavy rotation on Thursday night (January 3) after Lifetime aired the first two episodes of the six-part Surviving R. Kelly docu-series. The show dissects the multiple sexual assault allegations the R&B star has faced over the years and features several interviews with his alleged victims.

The majority of Twitter users who weighed in on the show were seemingly outraged by Kelly’s alleged behavior. In fact, the #MuteRKelly hashtag was resurrected, calling for any fans of Kelly to stop listening to his music, buying his albums and supporting his concerts.

Reactions to the series range from pure disgust and anger to disbelief and relief the truth was finally being told. Others opted to use their senses of humor to make their points.

Several tweets also alleged those in Aaliyah’s inner circle didn’t do enough to protect her. While Kelly is often credited with the late singer’s success, they were also rumored to be in an inappropriate sexual relationship.

One of the women featured in the show, Jovante Cunningham, claims to have seen them having sex when Aaliyah was just 15. However, Aaliyah’s mother issued a statement on Wednesday (January 2) chastising Cunningham, referring to her as a “liar.”

Singer John Legend, who appears in the documentary, stood behind his decision to speak out.

“To everyone telling me how courageous I am for appearing in the doc, it didn’t feel risky at all,” he tweeted on Thursday night. “I believe these women and don’t give a fuck about protecting a serial child rapist. Easy decision.” [apple_news_ad type=”any”]

Over the past year, Kelly has been accused of running a sex cult, something he emphatically denies. On Thursday (January 3), Kelly’s attorney, Brian Nix, reportedly issued a legal letter threatening to sue if the series aired, but evidently that threat was ineffective.

Check out the reactions to Surviving R. Kelly below.