Being that this is Biggie Week on HipHopDX, it’s only fitting
that we report on this.The Best of Biggie: Tenth Anniversary Mixtape
by Mister Cee is out. This week, Mister Cee
took some time to shed light on the mixtape. 

“You’re not gonna hear ‘Hypnotize’ and those type
of records, but it’s focusing on guest appearances. All the guest appearances
he’s ever appeared on. Original versions. Nothing remade, original duets he’s
done with other artists. Then you have the freestyles he’s done. The freestyles
done with me or other DJs like DJ Enuff, Funk Master Flex. Then also, there’s
some original versions to songs. There’s some songs you’re gonna hear that
you’ve heard the album versions, but you never heard it with the original
he told MTV of the mixtape.

But it isn’t just your average memorial mixtape. It’s
got some exclusive audio that few have heard before.

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“There’s also some live stuff…Live from Madison Square Garden,
Philly, London. It just really shows the short amount of time Biggie was here,
the amount he’s done. It’s over 70 songs and a double-CD. I also want to big up
my man DJ Whoo Kid. He’s been helping me out to get back in the fold of doing
what I gotta do to get back out in the mixtape circuit. It’s probably gonna be
the last mixtape I ever do. I hope people cherish the way I am.”

Want some classic material? How about Biggie, 2Pac
and Big Daddy Kane freestylin’?

“That was during the Budweiser Superfest. I always
had a habit of recording me and Kane’s live performances, especially when I
knew different rappers were gonna come on. The sound guy, I begged and pleaded
with him to let me record. He was like, ‘Nah, it’s a union thing,’ but he
finally let me record. Believe it or not, that live performance was recorded on
a 120-minute cassette. There was no CD recorders, there were DATs of course,
but I always kept a 120-minute cassette with me. The funny thing about that day
is that when you hear the performance, you hear Biggie, you hear Tupac, but we
also brought out Fat Joe that night. Positive K came out. Shyheim came out —
that’s when he had ‘On and On’ out. We only had 10 minutes. So we brought all
those rappers out, got them on and off and was able to do our hits within a
10-minute time frame.”