the battle of the beat makers as Timbaland and Scott Storch’s
beef is officially underway. For those who don’t know, Timbaland is
responsible for launching the careers of Missy Elliott, Aaliyah,
and has produced songs for countless rappers over the years. Scott Storch,
though less known has only recently started to become a household name,
producing hits such as “Lean Back,” “Run It” and “Candy Shop.” Before this, Storch
played the background as the keyboard player of The Roots, and then
one of Dr. Dre’s many co-producers, assisting him on such hits as “Still

It seems as if the beef started when Timbaland threw some very thinly-veiled insults towards Storch in the new song “Give it to Me” off of his album, Shock Value: “I get a half a mill for my beats/you get a couple grand …I’m a real producer and/you just the piano man/Your song gonna top the charts/I heard em, I’m not a fan.”

Storch, known for piano
keys he uses in his production, responded with a song of his on featuring Nox
– “Built Like Dat,” with some sharp words of his own: “You
tryin’ to lose weight/tryin’ to gain some respect/But still ain’t lose that
pack of franks/ out the back a ya neck.”

Both Storch and Timbaland have
released videos to the songs.

This isn’t the first time Scott Storch has
had a problem with another producer, nor is it Timbaland’s. Last year, Lil’
accused Storch of biting elements of his style. Storch dismissed
it, saying that the only thing they had in common was that they both liked to
use low-end bass. In 2003, Timbaland, along with Dr. Dre and Eminem,
got into a heated rivalry with rapper/producer Jermaine Dupri, who
felt his body of work was superior to Timbaland and Dre’s.

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Reported By: Slava Kuperstein