Los Angeles, CA – After recounts of an infamous 1990 3rd Bass visit to Greg Mack’s KDAY morning show by group member Pete Nice and Mack himself that were directly refuted in claims made by MC Serch on Vlad TV, HipHopDX has obtained a four-minute recording of the show is now available for everyone to hear.

It’s a story that both Nice and Mack said was more fantasy than fiction during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX earlier this month.

As Serch initially explained, as part of a larger story involving an alleged 1990 hit taken out on the duo by MC Hammer, during the short visit to KDAY, they were ambushed with a call by the rapper. After Pete Nice caught stage fright, Serch claims he called Hammer “a bitch,” setting off a chain reaction that involved on-air death threats.

The audio clip, provided courtesy of Pete Nice — as digitized by Hip Hop radio legend DJ Stretch Armstrong — includes a portion of the heated exchange between the group and MC Hammer, and makes two things clear: Pete Nice did not sit silently while Serch went in on the “2 Legit 2 Quit” rapper and the confrontation was not an ambush.

“The listeners are in for a treat … go ahead, set it up,” Serch says on air before Mack tells listeners that MC Hammer would be chatting about their alleged beef.

“Greg interviewed us for a bit and had given us a little heads up that he was bringing Hammer on,” says Nice. “So it wasn’t like some outright ambush as he’s described several times.”

Pete Nice tells HipHopDX that he is currently working on a book, due out in 2019, which is set to be a pictorial history of Hip Hop from 1983 through to 1992. If you want a taste, you can check out some of his posts on Instagram.

In the meantime, check out the HipHopDX-premiered KDAY audio up above.