After mercilessly trolling Juelz Santana for his missing teeth, 50 Cent is evidently ready to move on.

On Tuesday (November 13), the Power player shared an Instagram post of the Santana’s “before and after” photos and takes credit for Santana’s new pearly whites.

Above the photos he wrote, “50 Cent makes a ‘don’t do drugs’ post with Juelz missing teeth” and “Juelz reply back with them chiclets teeth.”

In the caption he added, “Ok DipSet we back on point! Let’s go positive vibes #lecheminduroi.”

The case of Santana’s missing teeth kicked off earlier this month when Dipset released the “Sauce Boyz” video. While Santana is rapping, it’s clear several of his front teeth are missing.

Of course, social media had a field day at Santana’s expense. Subsequently, the veteran New Jersey rapper returned a few days later with a photo of his white, toothy smile.