Baton Rouge, LA – Over the years, Boosie Badazz has shared many stories from his past ranging from the devastating to outlandish and hilarious. Take a wild guess which one he told on his Instagram Live recently.

He finds his way back on his IG alongside several of his friend reminiscing on an over-the-top moment, saying how he once saw four demons while smoking on angel dust as a teenager.

“I was 14, no I was 15, no I was about 16. […] I caught a flat on the railroad like four in the morning,” Boosie began, filming himself during a session on Instagram Live. “I say I’m finna walk across the track. I’m full of that dust, ya heard me. I’m full of that dust, full of that angel dust. Real shit, dawg. My momma told 50 the same story when I came to the house. Real shit! Let me tell you.”

While his friends in the background were laughing his story gets even more vivid, recalling being chased by the horseback demons.

“Man, I’m walking, I look back,” he continues. “I see four demons on four horses. Real shit, man. Two of the demons had hats on. Man, they chasing me. Man, I’m running all the way down; I’m jumping fences, everything. Ask my momma, man. When I got to my momma’s house, I had cuts all on my feet, my feet was bleeding. I was crying, ask my momma. I was telling her about the demons. She kept saying, “What demons?!”

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The Baton Rouge MC, who admitted to sliding into Rihanna and Nicki Minaj’s DMs recently, added that his mom eventually confronted the drug dealers about said angel dust.

“She went over there and told him ‘You cannot sell my baby that shit,’” the rapper says, laughing. “I said, ‘Mom you being the police, man. All that police ass shit.’”

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