Pittsburgh, PA – “Blacc Cuzz is coming. I’m a real nigga, a real hustler, who has always had the odds stacked against me but I always push through. My music will give hope and energy to the streets while teaching people to deal with obstacles, no matter what they are, and to keep pushing.”

Those are cocksure words from Blacc Cuzz, the buzzing Pittsburgh artist whose Dream Big Empire record label is eyeing to do everything the name implies.

For his HipHopDX-premiered, Jordan Marsonek-directed “On God” video, he takes onlookers into a day in the life of a focused studio session.

“My song ‘On God’ represents me,” he says of the record. It’s a song that displays how my character was built, where I’m from, the obstacles that I overcame, and the obstacles that I’m still trying to overcome. It’s just me. It’s my life!”

“On my upcoming project, I’m coming out swinging. People can expect me to make a lot of noise with my first EP as an artist. I’m hoping the fans will be able to feel me and understand me—tap more into my life. I’m excited about the production, the great mixes, and the energy in the songs. I’ve always made sure that I’m in my own lane without sounding like anyone else. My art is ready to be in people’s ears.”

As he preps his upcoming project, watch the “On God” video up above and follow him on Instagram @Blacc_Cuzzz.