Los Angeles, CA – Few things in this lifetime bring true artists joy like having a vessel to continuously display their craft.

And Luke Christopher is all set to be a very joyous individual. The tenure — yet hungry — Los Angeles rapper is ready to give fans on a whole lot of him during his forthcoming album, The Renaissance on behalf of RCA Records/ByStorm Entertainment.

To put it frankly, Christopher, 25, will heavily be amongst the #NewMusicFriday population as he’ll be releasing a new song every week for the next full calendar year.

“I wanted to tell a story that was constantly moving,” the versatile artist tells HipHopDX about his ambitious endeavor. “I make songs every week that I love for a special reason and that define a time for me. I’ll always be able to make albums, I have a pretty crazy one that I am perfecting now, but to have a project that is constantly dropping and growing every week for a whole year is something special I think.”

luke christopher the renaissance hiphopdx

With such all-encompassing title such as The Renaissance, Christopher also broke down what the title meant to him.

“‘Renaissance’ means ‘change’ to me,” he continued. “I feel like just as a fan, my whole life I’ve been waiting on albums and playing out singles and I don’t always love the music I wait on. I want to change the way people see music. I want to make incredible songs every week and drop them right when they’re done. No middle man, just from me to the fans. People think you can’t make a hit every week but I disagree completely. Music should be in the moment, not done over six months time.”

The Renaissance kicks off this Friday (October 19). Check out the HipHopDX-premiered trailer up above and get in the know by following Luke Christopher on Instagram @aylukechristopher.