Late Friday in a concert sponsored by Philly station Power 99FM, the beef ignited once again. It first started off with Jadakiss comin’ on stage to perform. Into his performance, Jada stoped in the middle of “we gonna make it” to kick a freestyle. While in the freestyle, he decided to mention some things about Beanie that Philly didn’t like…

In response the crowd booed and pelted him and his crew with soda’s, glow sticks, and whatever else they could get there hands on…but that’s only the beginning. 2 sets later, Beanie Sigel (who was not on the concert roster) appeared on stage screaming.

“This is my house, and my home, Philly, You see I’m here, So were’s he at now” (speaking of Jada).

So fired up, Sigel had to be taken off of the stage by radio personalities, all of whom were trying to prevent, problems. Towards the end of the concert during P. Diddy’s performance, Puffy invited Beanie to come on stage and speak his mind.

Sigel then rips a freestyle dissin Jada “I’m thinking bout raping his moms/and making him watch” driving the crowd crazy.

Things are about to get interesting. We’ll keep you posted.