Jamie Foxx has added another chapter to the on going “N” word debate

Last Sunday, Foxx made his position loud and clear in Atlantic city : white people should not use the word under any circumstances, according to a New York Daily News report.
However, Foxx did defend the use of the word amongst Blacks.

“I’m an Oscar winner, but I’m a ni**a, too.”

He continued on, citing the now infamous Michael Richards blow up in Southern California last year.

was just calling us ni**er like it was the ’50s! Ni**er, ni**er, with a
‘e-r.’ Then they said we can’t use the word ni**a anymore. That’s my
sh*t. I need it … I need the word to describe certain things, because
at a certain level of excitement, I need to tell you how the sh*t was,
and there ain’t no other word that helps me say that better than that
word. …White people, you can’t use it. … I would have booked his ass.”

During the comedy set, Foxx also sounded off on various figures in Hollywood .

Angelina Jolie: “You
famous when you can just go over to another country and pick up some
kids like you’re shopping for vegetables. I wish she was adopting when
I was coming up. I would have breast-fed till I was 37.”

Oprah: “They say I [sleep with] everybody. So, I’m layin’ in bed with Oprah. I lean over to Gayle and
say, ‘Don’t believe this sh*t. It’s just between us three!’ “

O.J.: “O.J.
be everywhere, like he still in style, like he got a hot record album.
He has no remorse and he crazy. … He arrogant. What is he doing?
Every black person is saying, ‘You already got away; don’t dance in the
end zone!’ “