Atlanta’s blctxt has stepped back on the scene with a new video for his single “Time.” The contemplative track is produced by Cheeze Beatz, who is best known as one of the men behind Cardi B’s hit song “Bartier Cardi.”

“‘Time’ is a song about my daily struggle with making more out of every moment,” blctxt told HipHopDX. “I usually don’t realize how much time I’ve wasted until I’m sitting in Atlanta traffic, highly frustrated. The silver lining is that I grow more and more appreciative of my good memories because they have no expectation date. This balance teaches me to respect time as my Father taught me, so I don’t get caught up in chasing the minute hand on the clock. B. Chil, the video director, instantly had a vision for this record and wouldn’t stop until it was brought to life. He got me out of my comfort zone and into his world of simple yet mind altering visual effects.”

Watch blctxt’s “Time” video above.