Atlanta, GA – Members of Bankroll Fresh’s family were targets of a drive-by shooting in Atlanta on Monday (July 2) night, according to WXIA-TV. A gunman reportedly shot around 20 rounds at a home belonging to the late rapper’s mother.

Atlanta police Captain Andrew Senzer said there were two people inside the home at the time of the shooting — Bankroll Fresh’s mother Terisa Price and her 24-year-old niece Amanda Weaver. A bullet grazed Weaver’s shoulder and thigh.

“It’s a really senseless act, a complete disregard for human life,” Senzer told WSB-TV. “Very fortunate that she was not injured more severely or killed.”

Police believe the weapon allegedly used in the shooting was a semi-automatic, high-powered rifle. No description of a suspect or vehicle has been released.

Bankroll Fresh was killed in a shooting outside of Atlanta’s Street Execs Studios in 2016.