Damon Dash rolled up on Lee Daniels at a Diana Ross concert this month and demanded the $2 million he had loaned the director. After video of the heated confrontation made the rounds, Lee evidently decided to put the situation to rest.

In a new interview with TMZ, the Empire mastermind promises he is paying back the former Roc-A-Fella mogul in full.

“When nobody in Hollywood was giving me money, after my Academy award, unprecedented with Halle Berry, nobody was giving me money,” he said. “Damon’s crazy ass was crazy enough to give me money for The Woodsman and for Shadowboxer. The investment for Shadowboxer didn’t pay off.”

“I am in the position now to get it to him, so I’m going to get it to him because I think that’s the right thing to do. It sadly took that wake-up call during Diana’s ‘Reach Out And Touch Somebody’s Hand’ for me to realize that and for me to sit with myself.”

Dash caught wind of Lee’s interview and accepted Lee’s apology in an Instagram post on Friday (June 29).

“We’re good bro,” he wrote in the caption. “Appreciate the honesty…time to move forward let’s forget the bubble gum shit and get the money.”

Daniels is currently focused on his two television shows, Empire and Star.