Cali rapper Rob Stone is among the flood of artists offering their condolences following Monday’s (June 18) murder of 20-year-old musician XXXTENTACION.

Hours after X’s death, Stone shared video of a recorded phone call between himself and his former rival. In the conversation, which dates back to October 20, 2017, the two artists appear to make amends.

“I understand why things went the way it went,” XXXTENTACION said during the phone call. “And I understand that it didn’t excel to a point it didn’t have to. So, I just wanted to let you know I don’t got no smoke with you, my nigga. We can make money together, my nigga. Just give it time. We can link. We can talk.”

In his caption to the video, Stone referred to his past beef with X and also requested that people allow the rapper to “rest peacefully.”

“I would never wish death upon another human being,” Stone wrote. “We had our differences and battles in the field but at the end of it all, X reached out to me like a man and we talked it out, like men. I wasn’t ever with posting this out man but I feel like the both of our supporters need to hear this for closure. Please let him rest peacefully. I pray all young artists, including myself, will use this unfortunate situation as motivation to stop the violence and focus on bettering the world we live in. RIP xxxtentacion.”

Last year, both X and Stone feuded with each other, with Stone releasing various diss records and XXXTENTACION getting jumped onstage while performing in Stone’s hometown of San Diego last June.

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