Los Angeles, CA – Clever rhymes were never catalysts to mainstream acceptance or big award show plaques — nor were they ever supposed to be. They’re only built and appeal to those who like a little be

Keeping in line with the rewind-worthy bars that made this Hip Hop culture so great, HipHopDX is pleased to announce the #DXBarExam lyrical freestyle challenge, in partnership with King ICE and renown producer Willie B a.k.a. The Ichiban Don.

King ICE is among the leading streetwear jewelers servicing the culture and Willie B has earned his rep producing records for Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Freddie Gibbs, Jay Rock, Talib Kweli, Wale, Little Brother, Crooked I, Kurupt and countless other Hip Hop luminaries.

As everything in life should be, the rules for entry are simple.

#DXBarExam: The Willie B Challenge (Powered by King ICE)

1. Download the beat via HipHopDX’s Audiomack.

2. Upload a freestyle via Instagram or Twitter showcasing your lyrical skills.

3. TAG @HipHopDX, @KingIce, @Ichibandon and use hashtag #DXBarExam in your entry.

Naturally, the most original, creative and witty submission will take the Grand Prize of an artist interview on HipHopDX and a special premium gift package courtesy of King ICE.

The winner will be announced on June 21, at a very special HipHopDX event. Let’s get those lyrical skills in order, people!