Anyone following rapper R.A. the Rugged Man via Twitter is aware of how much of an open book he is — especially when it comes to showing love to his loyal fanbase. Currently on tour in Europe, he’s been sharing his experiences including what’s becoming a trend involving accessibility and beatboxing.

“This physically disabled man was wheelchair bound at my show,” he tweeted following a show in Bergen, Norway. “I asked if there was a beatboxer in the crowd and he raised his hand … I gave him the microphone, and he KILLED IT. Best beatboxer of the tour.”

That beatboxer — Charles Kirby, who also goes by the moniker Chairman Furbz — is an aspiring MC and didn’t take the moment lightly.

“Big moment,” he wrote on his Instagram. “Thanks again, Rugged … from one head to another.”

That story ended up inspiring another man, named Alexander Peterson, to show up at a tour date to beatbox for R.A., who took to Twitter to share his excitement.

“The other day I posted footage of a disabled man in a wheelchair beatboxing at my show … so my next show in a completely different country fans brought another disabled man in a wheelchair to beatbox.”

“I hope this is a new trend at my shows because it’s a beautiful thing,” he added. R.A.’s US tour, alongside A-F-R-O, kicks off June 4 in Rochester, New York.

R.A. the Rugged Man

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