And this week its all about racism??

Lmao… first Mel Gibson then Michael Richards and now the new Jay-Z doll! Yes, it’s suppose to hit stores for Christmas, and the doll has bulging eyes and huuuge lips! I don’t know if they are trying to make the doll look really like Jay, or they just want to follow the stupid cliché that all black men have “bulging” eyes and “big” lips, I don’t know how to feel about this


And we are going to stay with “El” Presidente. It’s said that there are documents that prove that Beyonce‘s real age is 32! Her bio says she was born in 1981, but now there is a official birth document floating around where it shows that she was born in 1974! I hope we can clear this rumor up ASAP.

Let’s take it to someone who has been entertainer for decades. A woman is suing Bill Cosby, who supposed gave her herpes, and now she wants compensation! I think this is quite humiliating claim for him and her. But with those kind of claims you never know… so let’s hope this goes up in smoke.

Another couple coming to an end? I’ve been hearing and hearing it, and it’s Mary J. Blige and Kendu who are supposedly heading for divorce? That’s been the rumor for a while, let’s wait if the couple releases a statement.

After The Game trashed our favorite video vixens, now Vida Guerra, who is suppose to be Jeezy’s ex, is now speaking up and really mad at him. But like all the other females she is (of course) releasing an album, and the newest thing, she is forming a girl group…

Don’t even ask!

Till next week,