Jackson, MS – A candlelight vigil held for rapper Lil Lonnie late last week was interrupted by gunfire. The shooting took place on Thursday evening (May 3) as hundreds of people gathered for a memorial service in his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi.

Video obtained by MS News Now shows people running for cover following the shots.

The moment the gunfire began was captured in a Facebook Live video recorded by an attendee.

One witness questioned if the shooter had malicious intent or was simply shooting in the air.

“I don’t think they was shooting at nobody,” the witness and friend to Lonnie said. “I think they was just shooting in the air. Nevertheless, it was wrong.”

“It’s unbelievable,” one witness said while speaking with local news station WAPT.

“This supposed to be a thing for Lil Lonnie,” another witness added. “They choose to shoot while we got kids out here and all of that. Something needs to be done in Jackson.”

No injuries were reported after the shooting.

Lonnie was shot and killed on April 30 in Jackson.

Police are actively searching for Lonnie’s killer but so far they have yet to find any suspects.