When J. Cole dropped KODon Friday (April 20), album closer “1985 (Intro To ‘The Fall Off’)” immediately stirred up some controversy with the line, “I heard one of em diss me, I’m surprised/ I ain’t trippin, listen good to my reply.”

Several Twitter users scrambled to figure out who Cole was targeting and many concluded it was a diss intended for Lil Pump. Now, the “Gucci Gang” rapper has responded to Cole’s supposed diss on social media.

“Wow you get so much props,” he says in a video. “You diss a 17-year-old. Lame-ass jit.”

Pump’s dismissive response to Cole’s perceived jab isn’t really surprising considering his newfound career is flourishing. The Miami native’s latest video, “ESSKEETIT” has gotten nearly 50 million YouTube views in its first week and the aforementioned “Gucci Gang” single has been certified 2x-platinum by the RIAA.

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Meanwhile, Pump’s 2017 self-titled debut hit the Billboard 200 chart at #3. Coupled with his recent Warner Bros. Music deal, he’s poised to have a solid year.

Cole’s track does offer some wise words to Pump and his ilk about how to maintain longevity in the rap game. Time will tell. [apple_news_ad type=”any”]