Earlier this month, Daylyt first began professing his love for “OOOUUU” rapper Young M.A. “I don’t know if this is gay or not But Young MA low key bad… I’d smash on crip,” he tweeted on March 14, before following up with a photoshopped image of what they’d look like as a family.

One of Hip Hop’s biggest trolls took things to the next level, though — in true Daylyt fashion — with last week’s release of the super-extra KingQueen mixtape. Across the seven-track project, he attempts to psycho-analyze Young M.A, while focusing heavily on “Hoosk,” which he bluntly described on Twitter as “stud pussy.”

Twitter, as you can imagine, was entertained.

While she hasn’t spoken about the situation in any great length, Young M.A did make mention of “all that weirdo shit” during a recent Instagram Live video, warning “cut all that [weirdo shit] out … I don’t play that.”

But it doesn’t look like Daylyt is done just yet.

Hear the entire KingQueen mixtape below.