Toronto MC Nav went after XXL Magazine and its editor-in-chief on Monday (March 19), airing out his frustrations on social media and characterizing the publication and its annual Freshman List of up-and-comers as irrelevant.

“To my fellow artists,” he wrote. “We shouldn’t look to a magazine for validation or to tell us if we ‘hot or not’, especially one that hasn’t been credible for 10 years @xxl. Make music for yourself and your fans. I would never show up for the Freshman list cuz I don’t need their approval.”

The statement references a lyric from Nav’s newest single called “Freshman List,” which he dropped ahead of his upcoming Freshman Tour with 88Glam.

He also added the magazine and website were “trash.”

Nav continued his tirade by refusing to “wine and dine” XXL Editor-In-Chief Vanessa Satten.

Alongside a photo of Satten, he wrote, “This is who decides who’s on the @xxl Freshman List. I refuse to wine and dine you and play you my new music before my fans.”

This is something that’s evidently been on Nav’s mind lately. For the majority of “Freshman List,” he raps about not needing anyone’s approval.

Listen to the track below.