After sleeping on it for a night, Erykah Badu has offered further insight into the controversial comments she made in a recent Vulture interview, which found her a trending topic on Twitter.

During the interview in question, Ms. Badu said she “saw good in Hitler” while trying to illustrate the compassion she has for others, causing a wave of criticism. In a Twitter post dated Thursday (January 25), she admits Hitler wasn’t the best choice.

“People are in real pain,” she wrote. “So I understand why my ‘good’ intent was misconstrued as ‘bad’. In trying to express a point, I used 1 of the worst examples possible, Not to support the cruel actions of an unwell, psychopathic Adolf Hitler, but to only exaggerate a show of compassion.”

She later added, “Either U read the entire VULTURE interview & U understood the message of compassion CLEARLY. OR U only read the selective, out of context Headlines, & were drawn in2 the whirlpool of collective emotional grief. I don’t want 2 force U 2understand the way I love. I’m hopeful tho.”

(The original version of this article was published on January 24, 2018 and can be found below.)

Vulture ran an article with Erykah Badu early Wednesday (January 24) that found the mother of three defending Adolph Hitler, while sharing other unpopular opinions. Now, the neo-soul queen has taken to Twitter to defend herself. She began with, “What a world” before responding to her condemnation by “Black & Jewish Twitter.”

“Say what u must,” Badu wrote. “Dialogue is cool . I invite it. But please do me a favor if you can , Black & Jewish Twitter, just don’t use the word ‘problematic’ any more. Y’all using that too much .. oh and read the article.”

She also explained why she hates the word “problematic” when someone accused her comments of being “of the ego.”

“I hate when people use the word ‘problematic,'” Badu wrote. “I think it’s a word dummy’s use. Not saying you are a dummy I’m just saying.”

When a fan asked Badu what happened, her response was, “Nothin. I was just using my own brain again. I know it’s against the rules. I know I know.”

Badu, who owns the fact that her opinions aren’t always popular, hosted the 2017 BET Soul Train Awards last November where she took a knee in honor of Colin Kaepernick. While her opinions are currently ruffling some feathers, Badu unapologetically has remained true to herself.