Canadian rapper Nate Husser has received major attention as a member of his rap group The Posterz, but today (November 15) with the drop of his first solo EP Geto Rock For The Youth, his individuality shines. The project allows listeners to peek into his life through raw and gritty lyrics, accompanied by a mix of dark and aggressive lo-fi sounds. Geto Rock For The Youth is filled with introspective thoughts and stories from his youth to engage listeners.

The music video for Husser’s first single off the EP, “Catherine,” was shot by him — entirely on an iPhone. Simple clips of his family, treks through the Montreal streets, and his performances flash through as the song builds up.

Geto Rock For The Youth is a vibe, a feel, a genre, a lifestyle, a sound,” Nate explained via press release.

“The project is heavily influenced by my childhood in the 90s, growing up with no Hip Hop radio station in my city. But still, I had great times and the good vibes and feels I soaked up and that stuck with me from that time are what I wanted to translate thru this project. I’m just doin’ what artists are born to do: Creating. Me and the other members of The Posterz–we gotta learn to create in collaboration as well as by ourselves if we ever wanna be near as great as we all can be.”

Check out Nate Husser’s EP stream, cover art, and tracklist down below.


1. Catherine
2.Paintings For The Blind (Millions)
3. KillaKop
4. Paid To Party
5. HollyHood
6. That’s My Chain On Your Neck
7. Marshall Mathers Type Beat