After much speculation and anticipation, Eminem finally dropped the first taste of Revival, his ninth studio album and long-awaited follow-up to 2013’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2. Titled “Walk On Water,” the piano-driven, emotional cesspool shook fans with its unexpected Beyonce feature.

It had some Twitter users straight up conflicted, but his day-one stans knew that anyone who didn’t like the song was just missing its brilliance.

They were out in full force checking anyone who failed to lower their guard and take in the track for what it is — a raw slice of emotion from one of the genre’s most revered wordsmiths. Many took advantage of all 280 characters to get their message across.

A few stans took an aggressive approach to haters, reminding people Eminem “really doesn’t give a fuck about you.”

Some feedback from his stans suggested that perhaps the sheer amount of lyrical content may be going over heads of younger audiences who are used to the more contemporary vibes.

Eminem may not have won over any new fans with “Walk On Water,” but his religiously loyal fans seem enamored by it. How were you feeling about the record? Has it elevated or lowered your expectations of Revival?

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