Lupe Fiasco went on a lengthy Twitter spree Friday (October 27) and declared he was on “pace” to becoming a G.O.A.T. lyricist.

It began with a few tweets about his 2007 song “Dumb It Down,” which he said was originally going to be called “Space Traveling,” but then turned to predictions about his future status.

“I have nearly every accolade there is to have in the music business the only thing left is to be the GOAT Lyricist & that’s the pace I’m on,” he wrote.

This came after his admission that once JAY-Z told him he was “nice,” he was ready to put the mic down.

“Once I met Jay-Z and he said I was nice,” he wrote. “I was actually done with rap. My initial passions have always been Science and theoretical physics. This was probably about 2003. I was always comfortable in my own skin & hated everything about the music biz. So once I got my Jay-z co-sign Who was unquestionably my favorite rapper at the time.

“It wasn’t anything left for me personally that I wanted to achieve as a rapper,” he continued. “I never felt I was the best but I knew that I had moments of unquestioned brilliance that earned my place among the rappers I respected.”

The sword-loving rapper’s tweets follow the release of his latest single, “All While Doing A Rubik’s Cube While One-Handed” featuring Lil B. The song contained snippets of B’s speech following the The Pack rapper’s recent beatdown at the Bay Area’s Rolling Loud Festival. B was allegedly jumped by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, PnB Rock and their entourage.

But it’s clear Fiasco just wants to focus on his music. One of his last tweets read, “All that was very real and it continues to this day. The only thing that gives me motivation is my fans and my bars. & that’s all I need.”

Fiasco has often been one of his toughest critics. Following the February release of DROGAS Light, he admitted he took a self-imposed L on the project because of his complex relationship with Atlantic Records at the time and also rated it a “7/10.”