The Snoop Doggy Dogg/Death Row Records beef is beginning to heat up. When Suge Knight gets out in April this could turn real ugly. Death Row has a 4 Disc Tupac album coming out in the first quarter of 2001 currently titled THE SAFE. Snoop Doggy Dogg claims he owns the unreleased track “Street Life.” Its uncertain whether the track will appear on THE SAFE or not, as tracks have not been released to the public. However, when asked in the interview, Snoop went on to say, “I own the song. I might work out a deal with his mom – that’s the only way it can come out. I might work a deal with his mom; I would NEVER put it out on Death Row. Fuck Death Row and Suge Knight.” On the same table, Death Row Records recording artists have been asked what they think of Snoop Doggy Dogg dissing Death Row Records, and they have responded.

Death Row newcomer, Tha Realest, had this to say on the Snoop situation: “Those who did do songs that said fuck Death Row, fuck them because I represent Death Row. Don’t bite the hand that fed you. Without Death Row, they wouldn’t even be known…Mother f@&!ers ain’t got no nuts to put the shit out for real…If you wanna diss Death Row, diss them and put it in the record stores.”

Another up and coming Death Row artist, Crooked I, last week said “…I’m gonna make it official…from here on out any statements that’s against Death Row is against Crooked I.” The interview also asked Snoop specifically his thoughts on the CEO of Death Row Records, Suge Knight. The Death Row website currently boasts, “2001, The Year of Fear…All Doggs Run And Hide…Suge Is Comin Home.” Snoop acknowledged the beef by saying, “All he tryin’ to do is basically get me to bite…we don’t need no more ugly shit in the music industryÉI try to ignore it…when the questions arrives, I try to deal with it as professional as possible …after awhile I’m like f@!k that nigga cause I’m a real mother f*!@*r. I made your artist money, I left peacefully, Master P gave you 2 million dollars, and you still f%$@#n with me.”

However, Snoop released the track underground through the Internet titled “Death Row Iz Bitchez.” It will be interesting to see how the beef develops as Suge Knight gets out this year in April. Hopefully, nobody will get hurt.