The Ying Yang Twins are back with a new album and some high profile help. Chemical Imbalance, the next release from D-Roc and Kaine finds the twins teaming up with critically acclaimed producer Wyclef Jean and Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis. The original name for the album was 2 Live Crew, but the Twins decided to change it for personal reasons.

“We renamed it [that] because we’re totally opposite, we are never on the same page but we wind up in the same place. It has everything to do with chemistry and how we interact with each other ­ individually we are imbalanced but together we equal each other out,” Kaine says of the relationship between D-Roc and himself.

“Dangerous”, the album’s lead single hit radio last week and a Sin City style video was shot last week. The track is co produced by Clef, Jerry “Wonda” and Mr. Collipark.

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“I wanted to do a Ying Yang record that takes the elements of where we come from and add lyric melody to it. This will enable the Ying Yang Twins to reach an audience that normally don¹t listen to them,”Collipark said of the song.

Look for Chemical Imbalance, the follow up to the platinum plus United States of Atlanta in stores soon.