As XXXTENTACION’s court date for his domestic abuse case inches closer, the 17 rapper is making his amends. In an Instagram story he posted Friday (October 20), X issued an apology to the women he’s “disrespected” or “made feel violated.”

He also vows to donate over $100,000 to domestic violence prevention programs.

“I want to apologize to every single woman that I’ve ever disrespected or made feel violated, by me saying i am ‘insensitive,'” he wrote. “i don’t take back the remark in a general statement, but I do want to say i would never intentionally try to make a woman feel uncomfortable or in danger by my own conscious will.”

He continued, “so in order to show progress in my life and remorse for my remark to the people that support me I want to let you know, i will be donating over 100 thousand dollars, to domestic violence prevention programs!”


X recently signed what is reportedly a lucrative record deal with Caroline, a subsidiary of Capitol Music Group, but his bumpy past is still following him.

In October 2016, he was accused of beating his then-pregnant girlfriend. Subsequently, he was arrested and charged with aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment and witness-tampering.

Following his March 2017 release from jail, he’s made a handful of questionable remarks regarding the case. Most recently, he scoffed at the allegations, saying, “You’re going to make my dick even harder than it is now. I’m going to fuck y’all little sisters in their throats. I swear to god. I swear to god. Everybody that called me a domestic abuser, I’m finna domestically abuse your little sister’s pussy from the back…”

X is expected in a Miami court on December 11.