Hollow Da Don and Tay Roc finally battled each other at the Ultimate Rap League’s flagship event Summer Madness 6 on Sunday (September 10).

The showdown between Queens legend Hollow and Baltimore veteran Tay Roc had been hyped up for years, and both MCs delivered performances that justified the battle’s main event status on a card that featured other big names such as Hitman Holla, K-Shine, Calicoe and JC.

Many fans online agreed that both rappers took a round in the three-round battle — and that Roc’s best round was his second, with Hollow shining in the third — without any clear consensus over who won overall.



High-profile battle rappers simply sat on the fence.

Still, it did seem that battle fans on Twitter leaned slightly toward Hollow. Rap Grid’s Drect said Roc did enough for his fans to think he won but that Hollow was the true victor. Even Hollow’s old nemesis Arsonal gave props on his bars.

As of publishing, at least one online poll had Hollow running away with the win.

Opinions from fans ranged far and wide, from those who felt it was too close to call to stans who called it for their guy without even seeing it.

Hollow also amped up the theatricality outside of the battle, bringing along the actor who played Wee-Bey in The Wire, which is set in Roc’s hometown of Baltimore.

Both guys seemed mostly happy with how the battle turned out too.

Who did you have taking it?